Why Women4Women?

Let’s imagine a world where women entrepreneurs have the opportunity to thrive, to make their dreams come true, to be innovative and to gain an income for themselves and their family… This would be a better world, not only for themselves, but for all families as women invest a larger share of their income back into the family’s education and healthcare than men do: even 60 to 90% more! So, by assisting women we help reducing poverty, increase health conditions, improve education and thus increasing the well-being of all of us.

Unfortunately, to be an entrepreneur is still more difficult for women than for men, regardless whether they are based in Western Europe or in developing countries in the Middle East or Northern Africa. Women entrepreneurs still face many barriers, such as lack of access to capital and markets, social and cultural restrictions, and unequal share of family responsibilities. Helping each other means better business, more personal and business connections, increasing mutual understanding and intercultural exchange.

The Women4Women project

Women4Women is an Exchange and Mentoring Program between female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and in the Middle East and Northern Africa. By sharing stories, knowledge, experiences and connections, we can make sustainable networks of women entrepreneurs. We do this because we believe in the personal strength of women to make things work.

In the program Dutch women entrepreneurs mentor women entrepreneurs in the Middle East and Northern Africa on both business and personal development issues. In doing so, we create better and stronger businesses, a better intercultural understanding and basically do our part to increase prosperity in those parts of the world that need our help.



The initiative is set up by Prof. dr. Josette Dijkhuizen, an entrepreneur and Honorary Professor in Entrepreneurship Development at Maastricht School of Management. She works as project leader, consultant and trainer for corporates, businesses, educational institutions, governments and the public sector. Her passion for entrepreneurship is expressed in her businesses, books and presentations. Her position as UN Women’s Representative for the Netherlands led to her idea for Krachtbedrijf to assist survivors of violence – refugees, abused men and women – to start-up their business. She received (inter)national awards for her inspirational work, such as the AMBA Highly Commended Award, and Eindhoven City Friendship Award. For more information: www.josettedijkhuizen.nl



Leontine is self-employed, in position of General Manager at Oddessey Solutions. A woman in tech. Determine the course at a strategic level and be involved hands-on at an operational level. I like to work in a dynamic environment. I see as an opportunity to develop myself and learn new things, because a day without learning is a day wasted. I have a passion for entrepreneurship, organization and working with people. I am an energetic and curious person, who combines guts, common sense and humor and always achieve my goals that way.

Women4Women gives me the opportunity to share knowledge and offer added value to women entrepreneurs worldwide. A personal mission, which came on my path through Josette and which I want to accomplish together with Women4Women.



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